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oh jeeeez i totally forgot about this fabulous journal! SORRY! Life right now has just been completely stressful- 8 classes and trying to find a college to go to is just too much- but since you asked (i'm pretending you did) i'll tlel you what the deal is...

So at first I was like ok i want to go to colby bates or bowdoin- they're perfect: small, liberal arts, classic new england blah blah blah. Then 2 sundays ago while i was also in the midst of a huge fight with justine, i realized that i didn't want to go far away from home-- we're talking tears and lots of them. So im like ok then i'll apply early to brandeis, but i went to brandeis yesterday and looked at the campus again and i realized it really sint like the classic new england campus and the ppl seemed kind of strange and like not ppl i'd fit in with so now i just DO NOT KNWO WHAT TO DO. Then there's wheaton but its not like as much me- idk... if you have input i would love to hear it...

other that i'm fine- that stuff with my friend emily is still sort of going on, bec, and my boy is non existent at this point but i guess tahts for the better....

HOW ARE YOU GUYS THOUGH? kate i juuuust now got you message, sorry:( i was at brandeis yesteryday then the nat,. honors thin gand today i had powder puff an di think im going to the deval rallly tonight HOPE HE WINS OMG.

well my loves, i miss you so so so so so much- seirously i hate school and i miss chscasp and the hugs and kids and loves and plays and songs. and science and omg so much. and omg TODAY AN EPI PEN WAS FOUND IN THE GYM and i was like omg i MISS CAMP. and trish. and mommy-kate. and wow ALL OF U.

ok now i have to go read an act of hamlet, latin, french, gov and math hw and write an article on the fire drills taht happen everyweek because theres a fuckign PYRO at my school.

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