becca (rtnorman) wrote in chscasp,

some blue november...

does anyone else feel like this year is SO LAME?! i mean, it's fine and all, but it's just so damn painful to get all my work done, fill out apps for all the shit i want to do next year, plan the rest of my life, etc, etc, etc. PLUS there's figuring out my fiscal situation, which, let me tell you, isn't pretty. going home is necessary not to just to say hello to my family but also to do laundry and eat food that isn't grapes or raw cashews. for those of you who aren't college students or have meal plans, those things are cheap and can be bought in large quantities.

annnnyway, i've been working since i woke up at 10 this morning. i've written three papers so far and still have to translate an image onto a wood board for reduction cutting. all of which means LAME LAME LAAMMEEE. i also appear to be having an allergic reaction to some milk i had earlier. i have a rash all over my stomach and neck. booooo.

righto, well one more post to go before i offer up the monops and sambam brings on the baked goods. so c'mon people, who's gonna step up? dooooo it.

love love
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