becca (rtnorman) wrote in chscasp,

november rain

good lord, this weather is horrendous. apparently it's going to rain everyday this week. holler back, god. let's get to work on that ark, y'all.

so i can't lie, i'm a wee bit highh. i was talking to sammy earlier and i had the wonderful idea of lying down and watching some tv but of course that turned into going out and hitting a j. i mean, why wouldn't it? totally normal. in any case, i am nootttt in the moood for either sleep or work, both of which are reasonable options for me. instead i have chosen to grace you all with my lj post. thank your lucky stars.

so i cannot wait for thanksgiving; it's gonna be a soul shakedown partay and i'm down for anything. good food, good friends...and strong drinks. it's guaranteed to be a fun time. i propose some sort of themed dinner party. any ideas? luau or maybe black & white cocktail? i think anything would be fun.

people: POST MORE. i am sick of this whole begging thing. lame lame lameeee.

all right i'm out. beaucoup d'amoreeee

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