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Yo peeps,

def points for brussy for posting. JENNIFER SALERNO, JAMES TIERNEY - for christ's sake, post something.

anyway, i'm procrastinating - gotta write a journal on my work at the hospital for class but class isn't till 6:45pm so i was like..um, LJ? good plan!

repeat for becs, but last week was horrendous. my school placed me to interview at MGH and floating for my interneship next semester which are two of the top hospitals in the country, so that's good. but they basically screwed me bc i wanted to interview at children's for the position, but bc i'm there now doing my pre-prac, they won't double up for next semester too but no one told me that in advance. so basically i was pissed, but i've gotten over it. kinda useless story now i guess. but anyway, i was flooded with papers and it wasn't good news. then i found out that the patient i had gotten really close to had passed away before halloween. that was rough. he was only 6 months, no real family around, and just the sweetest little guy. but he'd been really sick - brittle bone, on dialysis, etc. i'd been excited though because for halloween, we were going to dress him as a little pumpkin - which is appropriate because with the dialysis he was all swollen and therefore looked like this sweet little budda baby:) but i guess he declined rapidly the saturday before, and therefore it was a quick passing. Good to know he's better now, but the hope that you always have for recovery was hard to let go of. Just rough to swallow, ya know?

Then i had a phrenectomy last week which was supposed to be a super minor in-office oral procedure. the dentist was mad chill about the whole thing,. basicallly they used a laser to remove the muscle/skin that connects the upper lip to the gums between my two front teeth. mine was attached really low so when i moved my lip it pulled at my gums and was causing recession over time. so i left with a lip full of gauze and novicaine up the wazoo (couldn't feel my nose - weird sensation). novicaine wore off, took tylenol, got ready for my night class. 5 o'clock rolled around and i was still bleeding ( a lot). so i called the dentist bc i was supposed to have stopped around 2pm. she said "it's ok, try a tea bag", and i hung up kinda confused. called doctor mom, and she said to tell them i'm coming in now, and make them see me because that's too long to still be bleeding. went in, and the dentist looked at the incision as my mouth filled with blood (sorry for the details), and she was like "hmmm...you are bleeding a lot. try a tea bag" and sent me home. so later i tried replacing the gauze AGAIN but for a tea bag, and to save you the yuck, tons of blood and discomfort. i actually got lightheaded/nauseated/really hot all at once, and nearly passed out. called doctor mom again, and she said i had lost more blood than i'd realized and had to go to the ER. so super-noam somehow got me to the car ( i was doubled-over and everything was foggy), and i showed up in the ER like some sort of horror movie - teabag and gauze and blood all crammed into my mouth, and glazed over ready to pass out. by this time it's 8pm. long story short, i didn't stop bleeding till 9o'clock and am letting the dental office know that not only wasn't i given ANY post-op info right after the procedure, but any in-office procedure involving bleeding should be prepared to handle excessive bleeding. the ER used surgi-cil stuff which basically is like sticky tape that held the clot in place and prevented me from bleeding anymore. the dental office should have this too. complications happen, but this was tot unnecessary. and a major cramp in my already shitty week.

SO, we are in fact one week away from T-gives (as sammy says), and i am damn near suffocation with this school work. it's insane news bears people. trying really hard, but truth is that vacation is the ONLY thing getting me through this. Hand me that diploma - I've earned it.

Sam, one turtle is poss a little bigger, but Silent Bob may be shrinking. hard to tell since i haven't cleaned their tank in a while. maybe that will happen tonight... or tomorrow. yeah.

OK, pedal to the metal time - love you all bucket-loads, and sammy get to ave's so we can video bc i need some love!

people, THIS is a post.

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