joule928 (joule928) wrote in chscasp,

ah sammy thank you for starting this baby up. it's great and i'm all for keeping it going.

i'm doing suprisingly well for how much of a mess i was before i left. my camping trip was really awesome, and this weekend i made a bunch of new friends so i'm really happy about that.

up until this weekend i was kind of worried that i wasn't finding any sort of group, but that's changed now and i'm much happier. so yay.

classes are good except that i have so much reading and i fall asleep doing it on a regular basis.

my roommate is nonexistent. i have a two-room double with two doors to the hall, so essentially i have a single. there is a door that connects our rooms but thta stays shut. it's really nice to have privacy, but i really wish that my roommate would have responded to my many attempts to socialize, grab food, watch tv, etc, but she is thoroughly unintersted.

it's starting to get cold here, and it makes me miss camp so much. i found the '06 video on my computer and watched it a good three times in my room last night after reading your post. it's so amazing and so sweet and i hope we can compile (if you haven't already) a something- slideshow/video so we can remember this summer toooo.

anyhow i'm coming home on friday WAHOO!! so i hope to see some or all or at least one of you!

love to everyone, i have to go grab some dinner.

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