September 19th, 2007

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Yay for campies!

I was most definately supposed to come home from internship today and do homework and so far I have gone to Breuggers and gotten a sandwich which I ate while talking to my sister on the phone in Prague, then had a hot bath, a phone call with delightfully crazy Rebecca (the one with the only internship worse than mine), crafted an email to my Wheelock "advisors" explaining that I will give the internship one more shot, talked to my mom on the phone, and am now realizing that it's 8pm and the last 3 1/2 hours have resulted in absolutely nothing besides a possible 4 facebook checks, (though this did include the amazing pennant story of Julie's - no words. Still got the glue burns).

Anyhoo... so I'm dying to see you this weekend Jules - let me know when works best for you - I know you have your holiday (slash I'll probably be at Noam's on Saturday daytime - not eating or using electricity), but otherwise I'm flex. And PSYCHED to see you!!! Anna's is always busy - new date spot? Or Anna's - whatevs.

Sammy I think between you and me, we are taking a course load equivalent to 10 freshmen (no offense Jules). What is this? Hope yours is going well, and when you're home we def should fig out the movie - I'm going to need all the happy thoughts possible this semester -garrrghh.

Love you people, and now... drumroll... I'm bringing back the camp quotes.

"what's red and black and... awesome... and strong? the skull of fury."

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