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wow, i hadn't written in the lj for so long that when i logged in, the site didn't recognize me! that's so lame.

so i'm watching sixteen candles right now- jake ryan, 'nuff said- and i just got home from the WEEKEND FROM HELL. the wedding itself was actually beautiful- it was held at the ocean cliff mansion in newport. the color theme was gold and ivory, there were white rose bouquets everywhere, and for the ceremony the backdrop was huge wall of windows that opened to the ocean. the view was perfect, the bride looked unbelieveable (my cousin carla), and the wedding was presided over by the groom's father, who is an argentinian rabbi. so it was really sweet and personal. great wedding. other than that, the weekend was the brainchild of the devil. for my own sanity, because i am bored AND just for fun, i will recount the events that occured in tedious detail.

first, i drive to rhode island from newton by myself to meet my grandparents. we have lunch then i go pick up my uncle steve at the providence train station and we drive down to newport. we meet up with my grandparents again, check into the hotel- the mill street inn- and wait for everyone else to arrive. i'm staying on the couch for the night because the rest of my family doesn't feel like coming til tomorrow. so the millers (my mom's family)arrive one by one. first, uncle rich from florida with ob/gyn wife tracy, two sons jonah and stephen and daughter julia. jonah, the oldest, is 7. The children look like they should be adorning the tops of christmas trees but don't be fooled. they're actually the spawn of satan. second, aunt lisa arrives from california with biotech researcher husband mike and two kids, gideon and gabriel. these children are taller than most NBA basketball players. they are 11 and 7, respectively. next, cousin rodney from canada arrives with his three kids. rodney is good looking in a very south african way and very suave. he will hit on anything that moves. last (for this particular evening, anyway), basil and brigs arrive from the motherland. basil is 80 and his ear lobes are a running family joke. not running as in long standing, running as in they actually seem to be running away from his face. i have never in my life seen ears of this magnitude. if he wasn't so old, he would be able to hear for miles. in any case, basil looks a bit like the mummy from the movie "the mummy." brigs is a typical south african woman- well preserved, nice clothes, haughty eyebrow glance-ability. she has basil on a tight leash- it's pretty impressive. so everyone has arrived- keep in mind, in the same hotel. everyone comments on how everyone looks (apparently i need to gain a few pounds and "lighten my features")

we all get dressed and go out to the viking hotel (shnazzy) for the friday night family-and-out-of-towners shabbat dinner festivities. the service is fast and the dinner is long. there are about 15 courses, the last of which is the richest tiramisu...ever. afterwards my cousin greg (twin brother of the bride), uncle steve, cousin dean and i all head over to the bar, order drinks and sit and talk about the shambles our love-lives are in. greg and steve recently got out of extremely serious, long term relationships and dean is your regular playboy-who-dabbles-in-modeling type. they're all protective of me and anything i say can and will be used against me, so i stick to downing delicious sam adams, offering opinions on the use of j-date and watching the cards win the world series.

we walk back to the hotel around 1 and i fall asleep on the couch. the bar in my back will make for an nice hunch in the morning.

i wake up around 9 to the phone ringing. my aunt tells me to meet the family downstairs for breakfast. i stumble around the corner and down one floor for the "continental breakfast" (a basket of bagels and some sad looking muffins) and help myself to about 7 cups of coffee. the millers, not known for their hastiness, stay past the time when the breakfast room is meant to be open, as the desk clerk continues to tell us. we ignore her and sit there until 2, when we go out for lunch at the rhode island quahog company.i order a hamburger to the chagrin of my aunt, who believes that you can only stay thin if you refuse to eat. all of the children scream and carry on for the entirety of the meal until we are asked to leave by a waitress who appears to have developed a violent twitch during our stay.

after the meal we get dressed at the hotel and go back to the viking for high tea and shmoozing. we drink tea, we shmooze. i almost faint. yes, i've been feeling sick for quite some time now but everytime i try to tell my grandparents they ignore me introduce me to someone else. i am shaking hands and kissing cheeks until it would seem as though my head and right hand are no longer attached to my body. eventually i cannot handle all the meeting and greeting and leave for the bar down the hall.

the norman family has finaly decided to grace us with their presence and i go outside to meet them. i follow them back to a different hotel (thank god my family opted out of the south african infested mill street inn) and check into our room. yes, room. i pass out while everyone else goes out to eat. i wake up, throw up and go back to bed. then i wake up, throw up again, and go back to bed again. repeat process x5

the next morning i am still sick. i wake up with alex lying on my stomach. he says, "YOU LOOK SICK!" and i tell him, indeed i am. everyone else is getting ready for the wedding and i shower quickly, only leaving the shower once to throw up. suddenly, savannah starts complaining about her stomach. first she says it hurts a little, just period cramps. then it hurts more. finally, she's writhing on the bed in hysterics saying that the pain is more than she can bear and she has to go to the hospital immediately. my family is freaking out. we call the hospital, we call tracy and ask what to do. we give savannah a motrin and she, magically, was better. i don't know why. she's very dramatic.

keep in mind that i am still throwing up. i put on my dress and leave the bathroom to find my shoes. next thing i know, alex has locked himself in the bathroom and isn't coming out until we get him some cake. why cake, i don't know. your guess is as good as mine. so my mom is screaming, ashley is screaming, savannah is still crying about her stomach, and i am about to hurl. my dad walks calmly to the bed, puts the covers over his head and curls into the fetal position. we all have different ways of dealing with things, i suppose.

we manage to get out of the hotel in time for the ceremony. it is beautiful as i mentioned earlier. my dad drives me back to the room because i have thrown up the only thing i've injested in two days-gatorade. so much for electrolytes. i get back around 3 and watch the "house" marathon on USA until 10 p.m., only throwing up twice in between.

the next morning i drove back to school, several pounds lighter and much hungrier than when i came. and also with a deep hatred of south africans. i'm so effing glad to be back.

uh, this has been a really long and pointless post. i apologize. miss you all- love love love. 24 days til thanksgiving break!

in regards to your last poste kate, i know i shouldn't cook. i'll leave it to you and salerno.

post, people!

dearest campies,

sammy's right, this journal looks pathetic. when the monitor people post more than we do, it's terrible news bears. so let's remedy that, k?

SO: my life. first thing's first. went to a gay bar on drag night with wheelock girls and madness ensued. the facebook pics do a fairly good job of depicting the insanity. dude there was one chick that i cannot imagine was ever a dude. she'd had butt implants, but her abs were unreal!! Then later on Grace and I met up with Noam, Mike, Loryn, & Meg at another bar, where I a girl in the bathroom was like "oh, you have something on your face", and went to rub my cheek, but i quickly informed her "no no, that's the Chanel lipstick of a drag queen!" then her friend held me beer while i peed, and we ended up deciding to go to the drag show together sometime and she got my number. moral: don't let me go pee by myself.

So Friday I was at CHS doing my thang, and Angie said I needed to call Noam. So basically, there were 4 confirmed cases of Pertusis (whooping cough) on his unit at the hospital that came from a former patient. it had spread so much that anyone with any cold symptoms had to go get a culture and leave the hospital. well it's october and everyone has freakin cold symptoms, so noam had to go to occupational health and get the culture done, and then was put on meds and told to wear a MASK in public and to stay away from the hospital. SO, he called me at CHS because i may or may not have been exposed, and pertusis can be fatal to children (though most are vaccinated by school age) and is gross for adults too. so angie looked kinda terrified, so i left as to not infect the school. got my culture, waiting on the results, but def unlikely. so though my friends were going as different decades to a halloween party in medfield last night, noam and i changed our costume to surgeons, which may have developed into grey's anatomy surgeons, and noam was dr. mcnasty:) it was pretty awesome bc he got hospital scrubs for himself, me, and grace, and it was the most comfortable halloween costume ever. by the time we stumbled home, we were already dressed for bed!!

anyway, as i said to sammy, i'm off to finish off making my roast chicken dinner. i know, you college people are jealous of the home cookin happening tonight at casa de kate, but perhaps a camp dinner party is in our future. becca, you're not allowed to cook. hahaha love you!!! ... but seriously...don't cook. jenny and i can man the kitchen, deal??

love to you all, write more often, call me, IM me, text me, but i'm not desperate for your love. nope.


~...and i spit on someone in asia...~
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well, here i am again....quite not low. i just came back from hitting the hookah in joey/ryan's room for a few hours. i also rolled a j, smoked a few bowls besides that, and had some weed cake (like a weed brownie, but CAKE! it was good) i dig pretty much all the kids that chill with us; there are even two girls that i like! i know, weird, me making friends that are girls.

there's even a guy that i'm kind of digging. he's tall and skinny and very cool and we all know how i like that...except i have to seoe where things go with adam before i start with someone else. i will NOT be a little ho. promise! no ho-ish activity.

uh what else. yeah i mean i have a ton of work like all the damn time. but i've been playing just as hard as i've been working so i am enjoying everything and everyone here.

this weekend was inssaane. i went out with some friends on friday night and on saturday morning i woke up with a giant inflatable baseball bat, a $20 bill in my pocket that wasn't there before, and someone else's cell phone (and my own). the only conclusion i could draw from this is that i beat a man to death with a huge bat and then stole his money and cell phone. saturday night i went to some frat house and played beruit, danced, etc. it was fun but unfortunately i did not end up with any giant inflatable objects.

oh! it's the season finale of flavor of love tonight! i am soooo stoked, not to mention that i am high as shit right now so i'm definitely gonna enjoy it to the maximum potential. me and my roomie laugh so hard while we watch this. if i was drinking milk, it'd be sputing out of my nose.

oookay so that's my high-as-a-kite post of the weekened. hope you enjoyed! miss/love you all...


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kate you're totally right; i can't go making these decisions on a whim! regardless of what i decide though, we're obviously still getting our apartment. our living situation would be toooo good to pass up- duh.

nice job on the kitchen painting and caulking. i'm all about the midnight projects.

well, it's the freakin' weekend and i'm about to have me some funnnn. happy friday, everyone! and more specifically, friday the 13th!

much love all


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um, bec, you can't just go deciding to joing the peace corps because we have living arrangements to tend to. i do believe between the three of us, we will have six turtles, and that's before out first mspca trip. just wanted to remind you that such a decision must be made 3-ways. and by that, you know i mean that i tot support you.

sammy, i too check regularly and could post but dont. in fact, i was ready to crawl in bed but your post guilted me into typing. i wag my finger at you!

just painted part of the breakfast room at midnight... like ya do. i also re-caulked part of my kitchen counter tonight. dude i didn't even know how, but i was like, fuck it i'm so doing this right now. and i did. and it looks super and i'm going to do the whole kitchen. my mom's gonna come back from england and be like "wtf mate" and i'll be like, "yeah i painted and caulked and stuff". woot random ass kate projects in the middle of the night!

james, jenny, julie: post, losers. no... seriously.

bed for me. peace, love, and cupcakes.

~ "raise you hand if you're jewish!!"- yoni, summer '05 ~
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ever since i can remember i been workin' these hooooo's

well NO ONE IS POSTING ANYMORE and it's making me bored! so i am officially picking up the slack for all you losers and doing it myself. uh let's see, i just came out of my constitutional law class, which is amazing by the way, and am in a terrifically good mood. i have my art history midterm in an hour and a half but i'm pretty sure i have my shit down so i'm not worried about it.

in other news, i just got my final exam schedule and i will be enjoying winter break from december 20th to january 30th. yes, it's true. what a ridiculously long break. not that i'm complaining. much partying will take place during that time; i am also hopefully going to israel for ten days! uhhh what else....

oh yeah i cannot WAIIIT for thanksgiving break...for my birthday i want us to have a big camp dinner somewhere fun and then party for the rest of the night. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND YOU HAVE TO DO IT. i said so. i'm turning 20! that's a good reason to celebrate. or just drink ourselves into a blind stupor.

oh god i have had such a craving all day for mcdonald's chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake. i don't know why. it's such an unusual craving for me that i really feel like i HAVE to fulfill it. it's just too weird to let slide. so i think to reward myself for a loooong day (four classes, three of which are consecutive and the first of which starts at 9 30 a.m.) AND for getting an A on my first philosophy paper (!) AND for (hopefully) doing well on my art history midterm, i am going to go to mcdonalds and get something deliciously fattening for me to eat. YAAYY.

so that's pretty much it. i'm sorta tired but i'll probs go out tonight; i mean, it is college after all.

oh also, i think im going to join the peace corps after undergrad for a year. i've been thinking about it a lot and it seems like something i would get a lot out of. also, probably i'd help other people out too!

k bye!
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head's all empty and i don't care

sambam i just read your post and um yeaahhh the dilfs. dilf one and dilf two. ammaazzzinnnggg.

yeah so i was just downstairs in joey and ryan's room and we hookahed for a good few hours. eventually i had to get up (which was a struggle, let me add) and be like....i have class in seven hours. peace.

uh, i mean i have nothing of real importance to say. cannot WAIT to see kateo and sambam this weekend. other than that...i am NOT LOW. oh i kind of want a crunch bar.

okay bye!

nuff said.

attention all:

ian post's mom emailed me for babysitting.

i win the game of best camper babysitting job - you can all give up.

that is all.


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